Our Staff

Kevin Polk - Senior Pastor

Kevin has served as a Senior Pastor since 2004, and has been involved in full-time ministry for over 25 years. He is a graduate of Central Bible College, Bethany University, and National University, Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies and Behavioral Studies and a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology. Pastor Kevin’s heart lies in recovery ministry and counseling, and he uses his unique giftings to provide much-needed support for families in crisis.

Pastor Kevin is also a dynamic preacher, striving always to bring timely and important messages from God’s word to his congregation. Above all, Pastor Kevin has a generous and loving heart, and seeks to lead his fellow believers into a fuller, richer relationship with Christ.

Kevin Outside
Mindy Outside

Mindy Polk - Children’s Ministries

Mindy is a wonderfully exciting and outgoing person, always providing a fun-filled environment for children. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Sciences and she has served in nearly every area of ministry, including Youth ministries and Children’s ministries specifically for over 20 years. It is clear to see Mindy’s passion and love for others in everything she does.
As a pastor’s wife, Mindy is always quick to nurture and love others, and it is clear to anyone who meets her that she has a heart after God’s.


Dwight Harris - Music Ministries

Music has been an integral part of Dwight’s life ever since he grew up playing piano and singing in church with his family. He has traveled all over the South performing in various churches, and ultimately began directing music ministries in 1996. Dwight’s dedication to Christ, love of church, and talent for music ministry shine through each week as he leads the congregation into God’s presence.

Richrd and Patricia top

Richard Hamilton - Associate Pastor

Richard has been an instrumental part of The Sanctuary since our beginning. Raised in a minister's home, he has a unique and insightful perspective and works hard to serve and minister to the church body. Richard met his wife Pat at church camp, and they have been married for 50 years. 

Tami Cole - Youth Ministries

Tami has a passion for students that is clear in everything she does. She graduated from Rhema Bible college, got a Bachelor's degree in Theology from Oklahoma Wesleyan University and now works as a High School English teacher. Her laid-back style makes it easy to build relationships, which is the key to her success with students.